Cailin Cristobal and father
Iowa Oskaloosa -William Penn University

"Thank you Kunisan for our wonderful menus! We had such a wonderful lunch! Your food is so delicious! God bless you! "
Your friends, Julia and Chris - From California on 11/3/12

Taber and Shelton - From Indiana on 11/3/12
Joseph and Shelly - from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - visiting Restaurant Kuni during their honeymoon on 15 November 2011

January 2012 - Saori and Fumiko from Kumamoto, Japan

March 22,2011 - Rumi and friends from Kumamoto, Japan.

Feb. 14,2012 - Keiji, Tomomi, Kotaro Yonehana from Osaka, Japan.
Hidemi,Yoshie Kuriyama from Tottori, Japan
James, Chako Matsumoto from Toront , Canada

March 3,2012 - John and Priscilla from Chicago, Illinois.

Feb.21,2012 - Tamio, Michiko Arai from Tokyo, Japan
Harry, Yoriko Nakamura from Honolulu, Hawaii
Hidemi, Yoshie Kuriyama from Tottori, Japan

May 16, 2014 - Ito, Yoko & Ryo From Kyoto, Japan

July 11, 2014 - Mori Family & Yoshidome, Masamichi From Nagoya, Japan
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